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Caricatures from Photographs
Caricatures from Photographs
Drawn from your photos, which you may send to my e-mail or via courier. We send the finished custom cartoon/caricature to you via e-mail or, for an additional charge, on quality artist's bristol paper via mail order. A detailed description from you is needed before a bid can be prepared, pricing depending mostly on the degree of complexity and difficulty of the drawing.
Live caricatures on papers
Live caricatures on papers
Adding that special quotient to your gatherings or an evening is quite possible with my pencil, brush and me. Sketching your live caricature in no time while you have your conversation's going on, make you feel no less than a celebrity. Not only does the person who gets sketched has fun but simultaneously those who watching it live enjoy the process. Capturing all your emotions and creating your live caricature in just a few minutes is worth the smiles.
Live digital caricatures
Live digital caricatures
Add the special quotient to your gatherings with Live digital caricatures. Its a very popular form now a days, artists do caricatures on apple ipro , galaxy note or any tab with stylus and transfer the digital file on your email, bluetooth or on whats app, connecting the device over LCD reflects the whole caricature process on big screen bound the crowd to come over your stall.
Handmade Caricatures
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India
Order for lovely handmade Caricatures in the mediums Like Pencil Shading, Black Ink, Markers, & water colors.
Digital Colored Caricatures
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India Drawn by hand on paper but coloring on Photoshop makes the handmade caricatures into digital caricatures. Digital caricature is a quick medium where the same cartoonish effect can be sketched and mailed in to you. All you got to do is print it from your local vendor. This digital form is convenient especially for my out station and an overseas clients as it takes absolutely no time to reach anywhere via email. So digital caricature is one of the best options for those of you who keep too short notice or deadline. Like the original but printed with your choicest glossy matt effect.
Handmade Portraits
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India
Get Beautiful & lovely handmade Portraits done in mediums like charcoal, color pencil shading,Oil , acrylic, dry pastel.
Digital Colored Portraits
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune IndiaThere is also a lovely choice for those who are interested in serious works. Order for Family portraits, King size Portraits of your Great Grandies or Grandies. Portraits of Old masters like Monalisa ,the last supper. to enhance your favourite wall. A clear picture is required from the client preferably more than one option  
National & International Events
National & International Events Our artists travel nationally and globally to entertain . Whether it’s a corporate event, family functions, grand openings, promotions or merely entertaining the crowd. we have come out as a biggest crowd puller among all. So we are a call away from you to make your event memorable & full of fun.
Timelines We do Timeline, Capturing the whole scenario of the event/activity in form cartoon illustrations & caricatures over a huge canvas or sheet with some famous key words taken from the conference. Later make these art personalize by printing on office wall, book covers or any merchandize
Customize Gifts
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India
Gift caricatures are perfect for those deserving 
special recognition or for the person who has 
everything. Great for retirees, anniversaries, 
birthdays, confirmations, weddings. A gift to remember and cherish all your life. You can also turn these adorable self caricatures into invitation cards and give that special personal touch to the cards. They make great invitations and sign-in boards, too.
Wall Caricatures
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India
What better than getting your family on the wall? Make your own wall of fame by getting your favorite people caricatures sketched right on the wall of your home or merely gift your boss with sketches of his favorite team mates on an office wall maybe right at the entrance to show your true spirit.
Comic book & Cartoon Illustrations
Prashant Sinha Caricaturist, Cartoon Artist Pune India Create a theme or a cartooned representation for your office or maybe your brand. May it be your boutique or a mall and create a theme that is generalized with an imaginary cartoon characters or merely go personalized with the members you want in them.

The idea is to depict what your theme is all about. With the cartoon effect, the recall of your audience is quite something.

My cartoons have been a part of story books, illustrative representations, cartoons for magazines and news papers too. For those of you who are looking for some good illustrations you can contact me on the details given on this website.
Marriage Events Live Performance
Marriage Events Live Performance My live artists come to your party and draw the whole scenario on paper and do live caricatures of the bride and grooms and the guests around. It really makes your event even more live and fun with unforgettable memories .
Marriage Invitation Cards
Marriage Invitation Cards Invitation cards are now no more restricted to the old stereo type designs or themes. We do Caricature Invites can be of wedding.Save the date,Cocktail party, baby shower etc in different mediums Here we design your card with caricature faces of bride and groom with their favourite destinations, attires. Bollywood movie themes are also quite popular now a days.
Theme caricature story
Theme caricature story Portray your life story in the form of caricatures has always been a very touchy form of gift. Whether it’s a love story, family up bringing, birthday gifts or a small biography that motivates everyone, nothing can give more personalize touch than a caricature. So try now and surprise your loved ones.
Workshops Prashant Arts not only make people smiles but also teaches you how to make other smiles Call Prashant Arts' artists for the CARTOON/CARICATURE learning workshops in offices, Art Galleries and your home. We can assure you its an absolute Fun....
Tattoos & Face Paintings
Tattoos & Face Paintings Our best tattoo artists and face painters make your kids and adults live with their awesome tattoo/face painting designs. Great attraction for kids and youth.
Magician Our magic show has always been a great interactive add on for any age group from kids, teenager to old ones . Best popular among kids and youth.