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Welcome to PrashantArts, where we redefine the art of wedding invitations with our captivating digital cards. In this era of technology, e-wedding cards and digital invitations have become the latest trend, making it easier than ever to extend wedding invitations to your guests. With our wide range of customizable themes and designs, you can add a personal touch to your invitations, reflecting your unique style and preferences.

Personalised Invitation

Our digital wedding invitation cards break free from traditional formats, allowing you to personalize every aspect. From themes and fonts to images and colors, we offer a plethora of options to create invitations that truly represent you as a couple. Choose from Bollywood style, comic book strips, doodle sketches, caricatures, destination wedding themes, and many more.

Personalised Caricature Invitations

Capture the essence of your love story with our unique caricature invitations. Our talented artists will create custom caricatures of the bride and groom, bringing a fun and personalized touch to your digital wedding invitation. Whether you want a whimsical depiction or a more realistic portrayal, our caricatures will delight your guests and set the tone for your joyous celebration.

Theme-Based Caricatures Invitation

We offer a wide range of theme-based caricatures to match your wedding style and preferences. From elegant black-tie affairs to vibrant and colourful cultural weddings, our caricatures can be customised to reflect your chosen theme. Whether it’s a beach wedding, vintage-inspired celebration, or traditional ceremony, we’ll incorporate the elements that make your wedding unique.

Video Invitations

Make a lasting impression with our entertaining and memorable video invitations. Our design staff will assist you in creating stunning video invitations by incorporating video clips, caricatures, motifs, and even photographs from your engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot. Let us add the magic to your e-wedding invitation cards and bring your love story to life.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Invitation

Embrace sustainability by opting for our digital wedding invitations. By choosing digital over paper, you contribute to reducing paper usage and emissions. Additionally, digital invitations save you printing, mailing, and delivery costs. Enjoy the convenience of easy creation, editing, and sending, along with online tracking of guest responses and reminders.

Why Choose PrashantArts

At PrashantArts, we understand the significance of weddings and the memories they create. We believe in treasuring these moments for a lifetime. With our exquisite collection of digital marriage cards, you can elevate your precious memories to unparalleled heights. Experience the art of personalization without compromise as we craft extraordinary electronic wedding invitations that reflect your unique love story.

One Event, Many Celebrations

Discover the ultimate wedding schedule guide – your key to keeping your guests informed every step of the way. Simplify your event planning process with our user-friendly solution and create stunning digital invitation cards for all your special occasions. From the vibrant Sangeet, Mehndi, and Haldi ceremonies to the grand ceremony and reception, stay organised and effortlessly track RSVPs.

Plan Your Perfect Digital Wedding Invitation

Planning a momentous event like a wedding requires a dedicated team effort. Let PrashantArts be a part of your team, alleviating the burden of designing the perfect digital wedding invitation card. Contact us via email, phone, or schedule an appointment if you’re in Pune. We are here to help you create an unforgettable wedding experience!

People Love Us

Anjali S
Anjali S
Prashant Arts is a great company to work with. They did an excellent work on my wedding invite video. The lady, Nirmala garu has been greatly responsive to all my requests & handled all necessary changes very patiently. Even after the outputs were given, I had last minute updates which they made in a timely manner. I’m very happy with the team & would definitely recommend them to family & friends.
Vikas Muntha
Vikas Muntha
Prashant Arts & Bhumi has given a very good engagement video. Team is really supportive and very responsive with all our requirements and does by giving good suggestions in making a good video.
Sayana Anvesh
Sayana Anvesh
Best invitation makers with caricatures. Prices are little high but worth product at the end of the day. Very well appreciated even by my friends and relatives. Thank you Prashant arts for your time and effort for my marriage invitation.
Vamika Anand
Vamika Anand
Prashant Arts has been so great to work with for our wedding invitation. They have been so patient with our edits and have done such a fantastic job in creating the different versions for the bride and groom. The quality of work is superb and our families loved the videos.
gsvprasad Prasad
gsvprasad Prasad
For every work of art there is a huge effort by individual artists and collectively as a team .. we are based in Hyderabad and took a chance with Prashant arts based in Pune and elsewhere.all apprehensions were allayed when the congratulatory messages started pouring in reflecting the team's ability to understand a clients requirement and dovetailing it with latest know how..will I recommend them to others ? Ofcourse!! Will I revert back to them in future ?? Ofcourse!! Final word ? Let the Prashant team expand to various horizons in the waves of celebration as they have depicted the logo I created for my son and Bahu to be !!! God bless. Love .gsvprasad
Neehar Mullapati
Neehar Mullapati
Good work and quick delivery
hemanth kumar
hemanth kumar
Thank you Bhoomika gi(Prashant Arts) for patiently making all the changes we needed. The invitation is very good.

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