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Digital caricature is a quick medium were the same cartoonish effect can be sketched and mailed to you. All you got to do is print it from your local vendor. This digital form is convenient, especially for my outstation and overseas clients as it takes absolutely no time to reach anywhere via email. So digital caricature is one of the best options for those of you who keep too short notice or deadline. Like the original but printed with your choicest glossy matt effect.

In life, there are few persons and few life events we love and care about the most. They navigate us through our life and help us develop as individuals.It’s always a great thing to pay respect to them and their influence and keep them life-lasting. So that you can on a daily basis about their importance.

Caricatures can definitely make it a reality. We can perhaps illustrate them through the hands of our digital caricature artist who will draw a fully personalized drawing that can decorate your wall.Hi  Here’s what we offer:

Fully Personalizable Digital Caricature Art
Amazing Gift Idea
Hand-drawn Digitally with iPad

Digital Caricatures can be drawn in full color, or black and white, and will include your branding and logos. Guests will receive an instant glossy print of the caricature to take home with them (4×6, 5×7, or 8.5×11). Or use our badge holders and lanyards as a great way to make trade show attendees a walking advertisement for your booth! We can also customize the background and border to reflect your company’s branding or product. 

How do digital caricatures work?

Digital caricatures are drawn on a digital tablet similar to an iPad. We project the drawing onto a 32″ screen that we provide. This allows maximum visibility for your event.

We print the caricature out in full color on a small mobile printer we provide. We also make the caricatures available to download the next day, so that you attendees can email them around, or use them for their social media avatars. Digital caricatures take about 6 minutes per person. While this is less per hour than traditional caricatures, it’s a lot of fun to watch the drawing unfold and it’s a great “show” in itself.

How many people can you draw?

Each artist draws at a slightly different speed to capture a good likeness in a short amount of time.  Speeds typically range from 6 – 13 people dawn per hour, depending on different factors, like whether to do Full-Color (6-8 people), B&W (10-13 people) or B&W with a Splash of color (8-10 people).  Working with a custom background can be another factor.  All of our artists are sensitive to the event’s environment and whether or not they can spend a little more time with each guest, maybe putting in the extra details, or streamlining the process, cutting some corner in style or color to get more people drawn when there’s a growing line. 

Are digital caricatures right for you?

Digital caricatures would be perfect if you are looking for a big “wow” factor and want to give your guests something most of them haven’t seen before. Digital caricatures always get a great reaction and it will be a novelty your guests will talk about for a long time.  

We’ll Travel Anywhere!

Our artists will travel anywhere in the world, including these major metropolitan markets such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Dehli, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Dubai, Singapore,

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DjNj Sanjay
DjNj Sanjay
They did a good job, they are capable of understanding your needs and the output comes fantastic. The quality of work is outstanding. They are patient and courteous. They have a large range of collections which we can pick or customize. Overall, this team is doing a fantabulous job
Dedipya Jada
Dedipya Jada
Loved the way they added our customisations and on-time delivery of our video without any delay. Thank you prashant arts
Rineesh Konaparthi
Rineesh Konaparthi
Alekya and I were so happy with the work of Nirmala and Bhoomi. They have delivered excellent quality custom caricatures with very minute detailings in a short period of time. Excellent communication with Nirmala and great piece of art from Bhoomi! Really loved their work! Good luck to the team! ❤️❤️❤️
chandrika nagapuri
chandrika nagapuri
We have ordered art for our housewarming pretty impressed by their work and their patience in each and every Change I have mentioned. Bhoomi has been helping me with our art she is so cool and answered all my questions and changes. I would definitely recommend for my friends

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