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At PrashantArts, we are experts in composing one-of-a-kind handmade caricature paintings that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of each person in a delightful and imaginative manner. Caricature is an art form that presents all of the unlimited possibilities of a depiction of a subject while also exaggerating those qualities of the subject. Our team of skilled artists seamlessly blend their exceptional caricature drawing abilities with meticulous attention to detail to create breathtaking hand-drawn caricatures that are sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

What does Caricature mean?

To craft a caricature art that truly stands out, one must master the art of exaggeration and resemblance. The resemblance is the foundation upon which a caricature is built, as it captures the essence of a person and makes them instantly recognizable. Exaggeration, on the other hand, is the secret ingredient that takes a caricature drawing from good to great. It’s like adding an interjection point to the features that define a person, emphasizing their unique quirks and characteristics in a way that truly captures their essence.

Whether you want to use caricature portraits to develop your creativity or convey your feelings, the options are virtually limitless in either case. Caricatures are a fun and delightful medium because of their ability to simplify complicated concepts and express messages in a way that is both hilarious and engaging!

The fact that every single person is one of a kind is without a doubt the most fascinating aspect of humanity. Humorous as it may seem, caricature paradoxically serves to appreciate individuality.

Each of our clients receives an original sketch created especially for them. Not photoshopped, not CGI, not made by an AI, but rather by our team of talented artists working with pencil shading, black ink, markers, and watercolors.

Caricature drawings make a great customized gift for friends and family. Your most treasured memory deserves to be preserved in a picture frame for all time.

When you see yourself reflected in one of our caricatures, we guarantee you’ll split up with laughter.

Give it as a gift to a boss or colleague to show your appreciation. Likewise, if you’re saying goodbye to a dear colleague just as they’re embarking on an exciting new adventure, a personalized caricature would be a touching and long-lasting token of your appreciation.


Fun Begins with Big Grins!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a house party, funny caricatures are the perfect way to spice up the party atmosphere and make someone’s special day or your own event a lot more memorable.

Give your better half a chuckle on his or her special day with a cartoon caricature you had in mind just for him or her. If you send us photos, our artists will use them to create a one-of-a-kind caricature of you.

We ship worldwide. We can send the image to the address you provide.


Express your love with heart and humor – Couple Caricature!

Exaggerated and comical, personalized couple caricatures represent two people in a relationship. In a light-hearted and whimsical manner, the caricature artists manage to capture each person’s individual appearance, emotion, and character.

Caricature artists use their talents to highlight the unique characteristics of their subjects, like facial characteristics, body type, or even sartorial preferences. Couple caricatures are often humorous and endearing because they playfully exaggerate the similarities and distinctions between the two characters.

Are you still thinking of a perfect gift for your anniversary? Indulge in the ultimate expression of your affection with a delightful couple caricature that captures the essence of your love! Opting for a funny caricature is an excellent decision for such a cheerful occasion.

Looking to add some extra pizazz to your upcoming anniversary/family get-together/birthday? Our talented caricature artists are here to help! They’ll capture the essence of your loved ones in a hilarious and unforgettable way, creating group caricatures or family caricatures that are sure to have everyone in stitches. We can provide the ideal take-home souvenir for each of your guests. Everyone who attends receives a personalized caricature that they can keep forever. A great party favor that doubles as a lasting keepsake for your guests.

At PrashantArts our team of caricature artists ensures that every celebration is flawlessly planned and executed. Our top priority is complete client satisfaction.

Wedding Caricatures : Drawing Your Memories as You Walk the Aisle.

Weddings herald the start of a lifelong journey together. It’s a time for loved ones to reunite and toast their mutual affection. What could be better than having a unique memory of this event as a hand-drawn wedding caricature? Our skilled caricature artists can get talking to your guests while they enjoy the occasion and draw perfect caricatures the way they wish! It’s a great way to get people talking to one another and laughing.  You can show your gratitude to each of your guests by giving them a personalised caricature as a keepsake from your wedding.

The caricature artist can personalise the sketch to reflect the couple’s personality traits as well as the event’s overall theme. They can include specifics like the wedding location, the guests, and even the bride and groom’s attire. Caricature paintings drawn by our talented artists will capture your special occasion forever.

Caricatures of the happy couple can be displayed or utilised in other contexts. They may be repurposed into charming posters, save-the-date cards, thank-you notes, and invitations for the big day. It would also look lovely in the couple’s album or guestbook.

Couple caricatures can be a distinctive and thoughtful wedding gift. In conclusion, caricature painting of the newlyweds is a lighthearted and imaginative approach to celebrating the couple’s wedding and presenting them with a one-of-a-kind, individualised remembrance. It’s a cheerful tribute to the happy couple on the occasion of their wedding and the start of their life together.

Here at PrashantArts, we assist you in making bespoke caricatures that are styled in accordance with your preferences and delivered as per the specified date.

Visit only PrashantArts to book a personalised caricature.

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Vivek Chepuri
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P Kumar
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lalith kumar
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Sowmya Balasubramanian
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Basi reddy Avinash Reddy
Thanks Nirmala garu for your patience for listening all my requirements multiple times and delivering me a good invitation video for my wedding
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Nitin Biyyam
Nirmala delivered an excellent wedding invitation video and card for us. Her patience and attention to detail were exceptional, resulting in a stunning invitation. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of such work.

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